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TTK FG-NET Water Leak Detection System Is FM Approved

We are proud to announce that our FG-NET digital water leak detection system is now FM approved!

TTK’s FG-NET digital water leak detection system* is FM approved since 21st December 2020.

FM Approvals is an international leader in third-party testing and certification services. FM Approvals test property loss prevention products and services—for use in commercial and industrial facilities—to verify they meet rigorous loss prevention standards of quality, technical integrity and performance. The FM APPROVED mark is recognized and respected worldwide.



*: FG-NET digital water leak detection system includes the following equipment: FG-NET digital monitoring panel, FG-EC Water Sensing Cable, FG-ECS Water Sensing Cable, FG-DTC Bus Diversion Box, FG-DTCS Addressable Box, FG-CLC Leader Cable, FG-NC Jumper Cable and FG-TMC Cable Terminator for FG-EC cable.